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Data Analyst (Job Code – IN-OD-20-004)

Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Full Time , Open since 268 days

Basic information

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Department Head


Commensurate with skill, knowledge and experience of the candidate.


Please submit your completed profiles at hr@sdrc.co.in.

The opportunity

Currently we are seeking competent candidates with 4 to 5 years of experience for the position of Data Analyst.

About SDRC

SDRC is an ISO 9001 & 270001 certified social enterprise, focused on enabling partners to design and manage social change initiatives that deliver high impact results. We collaborate with policy makers, implementers and people representatives worldwide to facilitate programme planning, process observation, monitoring impact assessment and experimental learning.

At SDRC, we offer insightful and innovative solutions to stakeholders to gain access to such systems. Our vision is to be a trusted partner and a sought-after centre of excellence delivering highest quality products and services on time and at an affordable cost. To know more about our company, please visit www.sdrc.co.in

Job Description
    Data analyst at SDRC will be responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • Database management: Develop strategies for data acquisition, design and build relational databases.
  • Carrying out mathematical/statistical computation to analyse data and help clients in making informed decisions.
  • Automating tasks with Excel VBA and Macros.
  • Data extraction from published reports as well as from databases through query and web scraping.
Key selection criteria
  • Knowledge of official statistics including demographic & health surveys; population, livestock & economic surveys; routine monitoring data systems of flagship programmes and ministries.
  • Knowledge of data acquisition and validation; ability to identify and correct anomalies present in statistical computation.
  • Ability to present data in visually effective and easy to understand formats- textual, tabular, and graphical formats.
  • Fair amount of knowledge in descriptive and predictive statistics- Ability to look at the numbers/time-series data and trends to forecast data points using statistical techniques.
  • Data cleansing skills and be able to perform various statistical tests to understand the underlying relationships in a given data set.
  • An understanding of linear programming and basic statistical data analysis using Excel, SPSS or other kinds of statistical databases, software and tools.
Computer Skills

Advanced Excel and other statistical tools such as SPSS, R etc.

Must have

Basics of Macro writing (syntax, control statements, and event driven programming)

Good To Have

VBA Range, worksheet & workbook programming.

Education Qualification

Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree with certification in related areas or any equivalent qualification.
Bachelors or Masters degree with “Social Sciences” background will be preferred.