An Eventful Saturday!

It’s gives a reason to celebrate when some team members attend public events and represent the organization. Two of our team members did that today and we certainly couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday!

Our research associate Anila Kumar Panda attended a learning session conducted by YouthBank International at Gram Vikas Conference Hall.

Using creative techniques and novel ideas, speakers Ms. Helena Habdija and Mr. Peter Little explained how the organization is helping young people in grant-making and changing their local community through its unique model. They also conducted an interactive workshop to demonstrate how YBI works across its different locations.

Recounting his experience, Anila says, “I had a great time at the session. I love the concept of YBI, which is mostly similar to that of SHGs. The only difference is SHGs are women-centric, but this model is youth-centric.”

Technical Analyst Subham Ahish was invited by the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering of Raajdhani Engineering College, Bhubaneswar for an industrial interaction.

In that, he interacted with students from the concerned domain and shared tips on how they can acquire the necessary skills, enhance their career prospects, train themselves, and find awesome jobs. He also shared his journey with them and how he landed in this job.

Speaking about his experience, Subham said, “I had an awesome experience. The participants took huge interest and asked several questions. They got all their doubts cleared. I told them how they can improve their communication and leverage LinkedIn to build network. I also told what SDRC does and how we bring about social change leveraging information technology.”

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