SDRC Celebrates Holi 2020 with theme ‘Herbal Colours for Social Change’

One of the best things about our work culture is that we celebrate all festivals with pomp and ceremony. So, how could we not have celebrated the festival of colours – Holi?

Our rocking SDRCians would never miss the opportunity to have fun with colours. When we create a snapshot, infographic, factsheet, or an app, we know what difference the right colour can make on our resources. Be it our design, research, data, or tech team, we have a keen eye for colour and composition.

Whether it’s research, consultancy, data analysis, technology or even real life, we know how to add the right hue at the right moment. This enables us to paint both our professional and personal lives the way we intend.

However, this season we did more than just adding a little hue to our workspace. This Holi wasn’t just a simple celebration of colours. But it became a celebration of love, respect, teamwork, and camaraderie among the team.

With the theme ‘Herbal Colours for Social Change’, it was a Holi with a twist! Seven teams were formed on the basis of colours – black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, and yellow.  The ‘gulal’ making activity was full of fun and frolic. We also captured some of its moments to cherish the memories for a lifetime.

After making our own herbal ‘gulal’, the entire team celebrated with love, laughter and happiness. Heaps of colours, mixed with the best of feelings and wishes, were sprinkled all around. Delighted and joyful in the festivity, all were in their awesome shelves.

The colour fest was absolutely great and we wrapped up the celebration with a few team photographs. True to our belief, it proved to be crucial, productive and enhanced bonding among team members.

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