Our First Webinar – ‘Microservices: An Overview’

In the post pandemic world, webinars have become the most preferred way to gain knowledge, network, interact with professionals, and get solutions from experts. More importantly, it would be required that the knowledge acquired through these sessions will contribute towards building back a better world.

We, at SDRC, have organized several seminars and conferences in the past. But, for the first time since our inception, we ventured into organizing webinars, and successfully hosted one today –‘Microservices: An Overview’.

As one of the founding principles of the organization we have always sought to explore new and innovative open source based solutions to work towards the achievement of the outcomes stated by the Millennium Development Goals and subsequently the Sustainable Development Goals. In this pursuit we have implemented many technology driven solutions in the areas of Health, Education, Nutrition, Child Protection, Governance and Circular Economy.

In some of our most recent projects we have leveraged the emerging concepts of Micro services architectural style, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., to develop robust, secure, scalable and relevant solutions to some of the most pressing needs of our times including COVID19 response management.

In our efforts to contribute back to the wider open source community and the information technology ecosystem at large we plan to organize a series of webinars to share our experiences, challenges, and learnings that we have gained during the implementation of these solutions.

Recently Microservices have emerged as a sought-after architectural style which builds on the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture and breaks down applications into a collection of independent services based on the principles of:

  • Loose Coupling
  • Maintainability and Testability
  • Independence in deployment ability of each service
  • Each service focusing on a specific business capability
  • Each service owned and delivered by a small team

Any aspiring software developer looking forward to a career in the Information technology industry and wanting to rapidly build reliable and scalable software applications would want to include the knowledge of Microservices in their repertoire.

The webinar was presented by technical architect Sk Azaruddin and coordinated by team lead Sarita Panigrahi. The session touched upon following key aspects:

  • The evolution of monolithic approach for web development
  • Advantages and challenges of microservices
  • API Gateway
  • Communication between services – Direct and Indirect
  • Handling distributed transactions
  • Saga pattern for transaction management – Execution coordinator and Choreography
  • Querying in Microservices
  • API Composition Pattern
  • CQRS
  • Event Sourcing

After the 50 minutes of presentation, an engaging session of questions and answers followed where the participants were able to clarify their doubts by asking further questions. People who would like to review the session can follow us on our YouTube channel.

For a first one, it was a good webinar and we think that we added value to the participants’ knowledge and time. Building on the experience of our first attempt through the digital platform, we look forward to co creating and collaborating with relevant stakeholders in developing impactful, result oriented and sustainable solutions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank you for spending time in reading this blog and we would like to invite you to join us in this exciting journey.

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